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IELTS Preparation: 30 tips to improve your IELTS band score

IELTS Preparation: 30 tips to improve your IELTS band score

The challenge

To do well in IELTS, you need to understand how the test works. This is difficult to do quickly  because there are so many task types, and so many sections to the test (Speaking Parts 1, 2 and 3; Writing Parts 1 and 2; and so on). Each part tests different things in different ways. So, there’s a lot to learn.

For example, do you know:

  • about distractors in the Listening test?
  • the importance of a data overview sentence in Academic Writing Task 1?
  • what to do when you don’t understand a question in Speaking Part 3?

The solution

You could read an IELTS book to find out, but it’s almost impossible to take in all this information at one time. So, we’ve designed an app that drip-feeds key hints and tips day by day. That gives you a chance to think about them, to try them out, and to internalise them over a whole month.

IELTS tips app to improve your IELTS band score

The IELTS Tips app will give you the answers to the three questions above, and 27 more. The app includes advice from British Council IELTS experts, experienced IELTS teachers and successful IELTS candidates. It is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Simply search for IELTS Tips by ClarityEnglish.

It is crucial to have a proper understanding of the IELTS test: these tips could make all the difference to you getting the band score you need.



  1. Anne Aalto says:

    I think all 30 tips should be able to be opened directly as you open the app. I get the point of not doing everything at the last minute, but if you find this app right before taking the test, it would be a wonderful reminder of things. Feels very frustrating not to be able to read it all. Very good idea with this app though, thank you very much.

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