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IELTS Preparation: Get the band score you need in just one month

IELTS Preparation: Get the band score you need in just one month

Can’t find a good place to study for IELTS? Struggling to fit IELTS prep into your schedule? Dr Ammar Hadi Kadhim, a neurosurgeon living in Iraq, was facing the same problem. In spite of that, he achieved the band score he needed using Road to IELTS. See how he did it in the limited time available to him and how you can do it in just one month. Here’s his story…

‘Would you believe me if I told you that I passed the IELTS test successfully with no IELTS experience ever before EXCEPT with Road to IELTS? I only had 2 months available because I am a very busy neurosurgeon. Otherwise, one month of concentrated Road to IELTS practice could be sufficient.

I was confused at first. What should I read? How should I practise and train myself to get the required score? I am in Iraq and, actually, there are no courses or institutions that are easily accessible for IELTS training. I said to myself, who is best to train me other than the IELTS people themselves — the British Council! Road to IELTS is just what I should spend my limited training time with, and that was my wise decision.

Road to IELTS is very well-structured. It’s progressive, challenging levels ensure a solid base to answer the most difficult questions. It helped me be oriented on the day of the test, know the test tricks and how to deal with them, and understand the task types.

Reading and Listening training is fantastic and so efficient. The Writing and Speaking training helped a lot in understanding the key to pass these tests successfully — a great deal of tips, and challenging tests.

My final scores:
Listening: 8.5, Reading: 8.5, Writing: 7.0, Speaking: 7.0, Overall: 8.0
Primary language: Arabic

Thank you for Road to IELTS.’

Interested to try it yourself? Find out more about Road to IELTS here. You can also pair your one month Road to IELTS subscription with 30 days of tips from the tips app. Simply search for ‘IELTS Tips’ by ClarityEnglish on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


  1. Sajid says:

    My Ielts test on 24 september i want to prepare for exam how i access to road to ielts -last minute version.

  2. Sudipto Das says:

    First, thank you so much for this blog post. The post is all about to subscribe for ROAD TO IELTS prep course for IELTS success.

  3. Dilkumar says:

    Namaskar, I am from Nepal. I am suffering form IELTS Score, I need 7 on each band. How can i practice? could you suggest me.

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