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IELTS Listening: Making the impossible possible

Learning how to multitask in the IELTS Listening test is hard and can sometimes feel impossible. In this post, Kishore Roy gives some tips on how to use your preparation time effectively to improve your performance.

Kishore Roy, Exams Manager, British Council Egypt

IELTS Listening: Three things to get right

Most people find the Listening test more stressful than the Reading test. That’s because when you are reading, you have the texts in front of you and you can refer to them more than once. When you are listening, if you miss an answer, it’s gone — and because you only hear the recording once, … Read more

Bryan Dowie, IELTS teacher, Hong Kong

IELTS Listening: Help! I don’t understand the accent!

IELTS is an international test, so you might hear a range of different accents, including Australian, British, New Zealand and North American. Remember that you only hear the audio once in the Listening test so you need to be absolutely confident that you can pick out every detail first time. An unfamiliar accent can get … Read more

Andrew Stokes, IELTS specialist, ClarityEnglish

IELTS Listening: The importance of synonyms

At the beginning of the Listening test you are given 30 seconds to look at the question paper. This enables you to use the words on the paper to predict the words that you will hear in the recording. But that would be too easy! It’s much more likely that you will not hear these … Read more

Andrew Stokes, IELTS specialist, ClarityEnglish

IELTS Listening: Beware the distractor!

The IELTS Listening test sets out to show which candidates can listen effectively, and which can’t. One of the ways of doing this is to set traps — and see whether you fall into them. You need to know about these traps and how to avoid them. In this post we will look at one … Read more

Andrew Stokes, IELTS specialist, ClarityEnglish