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IELTS Speaking: How ‘correct’ does your English have to be?

Adrian Raper suggests three ways you can improve your IELTS Speaking score. See his example and practice exercise.

Adrian Raper, Director, ClarityEnglish

IELTS Speaking: The most important 60 seconds

In this post, Colm Downes suggests how to prepare for IELTS Speaking Part 2. Read tips on note-taking, structural language and where to practise next.

Colm Downes, Manager, British Council, Jakarta

IELTS Speaking: Improve your fluency

Kevin McLaven shares two ways you can improve your speaking fluency – and your band score.

Kevin McLaven, Manager, British Council Director, Punjab

IELTS Speaking: The psychological aspects

The psychological aspects of the IELTS Speaking test are almost as important as the content. Here are some things to consider when you enter the exam room.

Andrew Stokes, IELTS specialist, ClarityEnglish

IELTS Speaking: What is the examiner looking for?

In this post, Andrew Stokes breaks down what IELTS Speaking examiners are looking for and looks at how you can use this information to achieve your best band score.

Andrew Stokes, IELTS specialist, ClarityEnglish